Thought Leadership

The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) prides itself on being the key authority and leader on issues related to the Latino community in Colorado. We accomplish this via educating, convening and leading.


One of the major areas of focus of the LCFC is to educate the public on issues affecting Colorado Latinos. We provide white papers, statistics, research and reports that are the basis for our initiatives and can help influence public policy.


The LCFC brings people together to learn, strategize and take action.  One of the key components is LCFC's annual "Telling Our Story" Forum which focuses on topics that have an impact on public policy.

The Forum is structured to bring together visionary leaders for a thought-provoking discussion on issues relating to the Latino landscape nationally and apply them locally.

Goals for the Forum are:


The LCFC participates in events and discussions on issues important to Latinos. We aim to play a leadership role via the following components:

  • Present to community and government institutions on our initiatives to help influence policy
  • Participate in decision-making groups on issues relating to Latinos
  • Provide information to emerging government and community leaders who can play a key role in the advancement of the Latino population
  • Speak with university students and professors on LCFC issues and initiatives related to them
  • Partner with other leadership development projects and initiatives
  • Present at local, state and national conferences where relevant topics are addressed