This historical Fellowship is a pilot project funded by NextFifty Initiative and part of the Latinas LEAD Colorado initiative. The LMV is a statewide fellowship inspired by women of wisdom (Latinas 50+), who want to share their knowledge, experiences and life lessons with younger Latinas so that they will be better prepared in navigating their lives to be more fulfilled in their identity, with families, their community and their careers. In turn, younger Latinas will partner with women of wisdom and communicate their current values regarding life, family, education, career and leadership to better understand one another and together work to empower Latinos in Colorado.

The aim of this fellowship will be to reimagine a society that recognizes, appreciates and values the contributions, wisdom and experience of Latinas so that together we can build a new narrative for aging through a Latina lens.

The Las Mujeres Valientes Fellowship program is sponsored by the NextFifty Initiative.