Latino Age Wave Colorado

Colorado Latino Age Wave is an initiative supporting the well-being of a rapidly growing Latino older adult population in Metro Denver through innovative services and programs. Launched in October 2011, this initiative was developed in response to national research by Hispanics in Philanthropy that projected a “wave” of Latinos entering la tercera edad (third stage of life), with numbers rising by 224 percent by 2030. This research also identified a unique set of needs and challenges for this growing population.

Through a partnership between Rose Community Foundation, Hispanics in Philanthropy, and the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC), Metro Denver was selected as the inaugural community in which to begin the initiative.

Colorado Latino Age Wave is approaching this challenge as an opportunity. We view our older Latino family members as gifts in our lives—people who bring incredible energy, wisdom, skills, and contributions to our families and communities. We see this as an opportunity to fully engage with and benefit from this growing and active aging population.

At the same time, we must place priority on better understanding the specific social, health and financial issues facing Latino older adults in Metro Denver, and seek new ways to support them in a way that celebrates the assets they have to offer.

Age Wave Philosophy and Values

  • Cultural relevancy  We honor the unique cultures, values, languages and familial relationships that are central to Latino populations. We endeavor to help service providers develop culturally relevant practices and programs that support Latino older adults.
  • Independence – The LCFC strives to help all Latino older adults live independently and maintain a high quality of life. We support the development and advancement of programs that do this in a culturally relevant way.
  • Intergenerational strength – Strength comes from the engagement and interconnection of the whole family and the LCFC promotes the creation of a high quality of life for both the aging members of the family as well as the young people living in the household.
  • Respect for elders – We believe that Latino older adults possess wisdom, knowledge, and experience that are invaluable assets to their families and community. The LCFC promotes care that acknowledges these assets regardless of ability, respects older adults and encourages the desire to remain independent and make their own choices. 

Our Objectives

  • Gain a clear understanding of community assets, resources, gaps and barriers regarding services for Metro Denver’s Latino older adult population.
  • Raise awareness and support for Latino aging issues among key stakeholders including policymakers, institutional and community leaders, and funders.
  • Increase the net amount of philanthropic dollars flowing to Latino aging issues.
  • Increase the capacity of local nonprofit organizations that serve Latino older adult populations.
  • Engage more Latino adults 50+ as leaders and activists advocating for policies that improve the economic health and well-being of Latino older adults in Metro Denver.

Download Report on Latino Caregivers