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The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado creates impact in community through building key partnerships, and strengthening nonprofits, who are then better prepared to serve the community.

Great partnerships achieve greater impact than any organization could accomplish on its own. To that end, the Foundation pursues strategic alliances with foundations, corporations, nonprofits, government and individuals that are intended to strengthen and expand programs, scale up efforts in tackling complex community issues and further its reach throughout Colorado. Furthermore, the Foundation builds on the strengths of its partners to increase influence so that together we act as change agents for improving the lives of all Coloradans through health, education, workforce, art/culture and economic prosperity.

By harnessing the collective strengths, community assets and our tradition of giving, we can address complex issues that transform communities. The Foundation has invested over $6 million to over 100 nonprofits to develop their ability to be strong anchor organizations in their community. By providing capacity building and program grants, organizations are able to serve as an entry-point that connects people to opportunities and expand their sense of possibilities to build strong families. By serving as a place for participation and exploration, community members can discover for themselves how to engage civically and increases the intellectual capital that contributes to collective success.