The Generations of Giving campaign is focused on empowering Latinos to build stronger communities by becoming more engaged in philanthropy, while strengthening the legacy they leave for future generations. This new campaign expands the work of the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado by generating $150,000 a year from 100 individuals, families or donors.

How It Works

Step 1 – Structure your gift

For example: Garcia family pledges an amount of $1,000 (or more) per year, over 3 years. Pledge is fulfilled through a monthly gift of $83 or one annual gift or $1,000.


Garcia family, along with extended family or friends, pledges an amount of $1,000 (or more) per year, over 3 years under one family name. Choosing this structure allows you to combine gifts, making it easier for families to participate. Pledge fulfilled by each family or friend committing an amount that totals $83 per month or one annual gift of $1,000.

Step 2 - Complete pledge form and return to lcfc

Pledge Form

Step 3 – Get engaged

Take advantage of your Generations of Giving Circle benefits. You will receive an individualized welcome packet that will outline special invitations to events, online and print recognition and other benefits exclusive to Generation of Giving donors.

Generations of Giving Brochure

Contact info@latinocfc.org for more information.


As a Generations of Giving donor, you hereby pledge and agree to make a charitable contribution to the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, a Colorado nonprofit corporation, in the amount indicated on the donor processing form.

Note: Pledges are received on an ongoing basis and may be paid in either monthly. quarterly or yearly payments over a three-year period beginning on a chosen start date. Payments can be made by check to the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado or online by clicking here.

This contribution shall be added to the funds indicated by the donor within the fiscal year they are received.

This pledge is made in Denver, Colorado and shall be governed by Colorado law.

Donors will be recognized by the family name indicated in the pledge form or will be kept anonymous if so desired. All payment information is confidential.