Transforming lives is powerful. At the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, we convert gifts into opportunities. We support organizations that help people see the impossible as possible: to reach their dreams. Whether you are new to philanthropy or been engaged for a while, giving back is something that our families taught us. A gift to the foundation, regardless of the amount, is combined with others and invested into the community to drive change and create lifelong experiences for people.

Latinos Engaged in Enterprising Philanthropy (LEEP), is the cornerstone of LCFC's focus area on philanthropy. Supported through the Catalyzing Community Giving initiative of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, LEEP seeks to build capacity to catalyze community giving among Latinos, the business sector, and other philanthropic institutions to help families thrive. LCFC's Generations of Giving, Cambio para el Cambio, and Young Latino Philanthropists programs are all inspired by, and funded through, this initiative.

Giving at LCFC is for those with pennies and those with thousands. Some of our donors send checks once a year, others give monthly. Regardless of your choice, you can tailor your gift to best accommodate your situation.

Ways to Give:

  • Our Generations of Giving participants donate monthly or quarterly, through a collective group or family that makes a 3+ year commitment, allowing LCFC to make bold new programmatic decisions, knowing this commitment is set.

  • Cambio para el Cambio (Change for change) encourages families and groups to collect spare change and small amounts as can, and they then donate this money to any non-profit they see fit.

  • Sponsors and partners not only directly fund programs from Colorado Immigrant Funders Collaborative (CIFC) to Latinas Lead, they also help us to subsidize the cost of events, so that there are always scholarships and free admissions available to LCFC events for those in need.

Together we are changing the story for Latinos. Join us, be part of the story.

You can donate directly through our portal, or contact Diana Aldapa at or 720.923.7614 to learn more about ways to give.