Cambio para el Cambio

Change for Change Campaign

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The Cambio para el Cambio (CpC)/Change for Change Campaign is a grassroots philanthropic campaign providing a fun and creative way to start conversations about philanthropy with your family, friends or co-workers. Its mission is to educate Latinos on philanthropy and to promote philanthropic engagement. The campaign is a three-year initiative with the goal to distribute 5,000 piggy banks into the community in the hope that with each will generate an average of $50. Over three years this would translate to a $250,000 donation to help address community needs. 2015 marks the first year where people were invited to collect change in the provided piggy banks and donate those funds to a non-profit of their choice. Read More 


  1. Pick up your piggy bank.
  2. Learn the difference between philanthropy and charity.
  3. Gather your family, friends or co-workers and introduce them to the CpC Campaign and your piggy bank.
  4. Decorate and name your piggy bank.
  5. Decide which non-profit or cause you would like to support with your piggy bank funds.
  6. Collect contributions for your cause and encourage others to contribute throughout the year.
  7. Take a photo of your decorated piggy bank and submit your experience story.
  8. Drop off your donation to the organization of your choice by December 31, 2016.

Grant GIVE-away
The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado and Citywide Banks will select the most creatively decorated piggy bank.  If your piggy bank is chosen, LCFC will provide a $500 grant to the nonprofit organization of your choice.  This decision will be announced in December.  Like us on Facebook to get campaign updates!