The Cambio para el Cambio (CpC)/Change for Change Campaign is a grassroots philanthropic campaign providing a fun and creative way to start conversations about philanthropy with your family, friends or co-workers. Its mission is to educate Latinos on philanthropy and to promote philanthropic engagement.

Would you like to participate in Cambio para el Cambio (Change for Change?) Here's how!


  1. Pick up your piggy bank.

  2. Learn the difference between philanthropy and charity.

  3. Gather your family, friends or co-workers and introduce them to the CpC Campaign and your piggy bank.

  4. Decorate and name your piggy bank.

  5. Decide which non-profit or cause you would like to support with your piggy bank funds.

  6. Collect contributions for your cause and encourage others to contribute throughout the year.

  7. Take a photo of your decorated piggy bank and submit your experience story.