The mission of the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) is to influence and engage Latinos and others to be leaders and philanthropic investors to develop strong and vibrant Latino communities in Colorado.  

We advance our mission through the following three strategic directions:

  1. Thought Leader – Harness the community’s human capital to educate, share and disseminate knowledge to influence policy and decision-making on critical issues in the Latino community.
  2. Community Impact  Invest human and financial resources with local, statewide and national partners who are committed to supporting innovative and relevant programs that help people reach their full potential.
  3. Philanthropy – Build a philanthropic community who is invested and engaged in the betterment of the Latino community.


In 2007, the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado was launched by Rose Community Foundation in partnership with Hispanics in Philanthropy, The Jay and Rose Philips Family Foundation of Colorado, Western Union Foundation and individual Latino leaders, to be a resource in the community and a catalyst for positive change. Though Latino communities are traditionally generous, Latinos have been underestimated as philanthropic contributors. Throughout the years the LCFC has increased the visibility of Latino philanthropy in Colorado by creating a pool of donors who contribute funds to help nonprofits build their capacity to deliver high quality services to the Latino community. The work of the LCFC encourages new leadership, innovation and community-building opportunities to unleash the resources of individual Latino donors that benefit communities throughout Colorado.

By bringing people and partnerships together, the LCFC has promoted the power of collective giving and has granted more than $1.7 million to more than 80 Latino-serving nonprofit organizations in Colorado over the past eight years. With improved capacity and increased leadership support, LCFC grantees can continue to strengthen Colorado’s Latino communities through quality education, access to health care, increased economic opportunity, greater community participation, celebration of Latino arts and culture and much more. The LCFC is strengthening Latino-serving organizations across Colorado while empowering Latinos to see themselves as leaders and givers.

In 2012, the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado was named Outstanding Foundation of the Year at National Philanthropy Day in Colorado—one of the most prestigious, statewide awards in Colorado’s philanthropic community.

More recently, in partnership with Rose Community Foundation and Hispanics in Philanthropy, the LCFC launched Colorado Latino Age Wave, an initiative that is proactively addressing the unique needs of Latino elders in Colorado and HIP to College: Summer Melt to ensure that Latino youth are successfully transitioning from high school to college.

Guiding Principles

  • Influence – Work with key community leaders to affect public policy, opinion or behavioral changes.
  • Convene – Bring people together to resolve issues collaboratively.
  • Opportunity – Find new and innovative opportunities that align with the best interests of the Latino community in Colorado.
  • Impact – Create a tangible return on financial and human capital investments in the community.
  • Giving – Drive philanthropic efforts where everyone can contribute, collaborate and act in unison toward a common goal.
  • Nimble – Quickly understand, adapt and respond effectively.

The LCFC Board

Chair | Dr. Debora M. Ortega | Director, University of Denver Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship
Debora is proud to be a board member of the LCFC as it provides the opportunity to extend the Latin tradition of caring, and using thoughtful, focused, and powerful approaches to creating and supporting a healthy vibrant community.

Adrianna Abarca | Co-Owner, Ready Foods
Adrianna works with the LCFC because she feels that it is important to show that Latinos are willing to lend financial, educational and moral support to Latino-serving nonprofits.

Raydean Acevedo | President, Research Management Consultants, Inc.
Raydean works with the LCFC as it provides inspiration and support to her own Latino community. She feels that it is the unique gifts from and for Latinos that are the basis for future success.

Luis A. Colón | Partner, Xcelente Global LTD
Luis is involved with the LCFC because of the positive impact it has on the Latino community, especially those most vulnerable. He feels that the LCFC helps empower Latinos to help their own community, which benefits the entire region. 

Gay Cook | Vice President and Corporate Officer, The Colorado Trust (Retired)
Gay joined the LCFC Board, because its mission and work to influence and engage Latinos and others to be leaders in developing strong and vibrant Latino communities in Colorado is powerful, given the importance of the Latino population in Colorado and the nation and because of what we all can learn from its rich history, culture and values.

Mitchell Gonzales | President, MGC Services Corp.
Mitchell decided to get involved with the LCFC because he felt that it was a great way to team up with leaders in the Denver area and truly make a noticeable difference in the community by working with several different types of nonprofits.

Gary Poling | President and Founder, True North Capital Group Branch Manager, Raymond James Financial Services
Gary is familiar with both the needs and potential that reside in the Latino population and partners with the LCFC to help bridge that gap and foster leadership for a united community.

Gloria Schoch | Community Affairs, MillerCoors

Key Staff

Carlos Martinez | Executive Director | cmartinez@rcfdenver.org

Rachel Greigo | Project Director | rgriego@rcfdenver.org
Colorado Immigrant Funders Collaborative | Latinas Lead | Young Latino Philanthropists

Priscilla Montoya Vitello | Director of Evaluation & Special Programs | pmvitello@rcfdenver.org
Behavioral Health | Communications | Education | Evaluation & Research

Daniela Young | Program Manager | dyoung@rcfdenver.org
Colorado Latino Age Wave

Diana Aldapa-Fonseca | Program Assistant | dafonseca@rcfdenver.org
Initiatives & Events

Consultant Staff

Cec Ortiz | Strategic Planning | Community Democracy Workshop
Tony Tapia | Latino Age Wave Colorado