2016 Forum - About





This year’s forum, Civic Innovation: Weaving Identities to Strengthen Our Communities is sure to stimulate thinking. The forum will address how important it is that Latinos are actively engaged in their community. It will also discuss how a united, civically minded community can gain influence. The forum will challenge participants to think about the intersection of Latino identities and how they contribute to an evolving dynamic narrative.

Forum discussions will include:

  • What institutional structures are keeping Latinos from engaging?
  • Civic engagement across generations?
  • Correlations of civically engaged community and an economic prosperous community?
  • Can civic engagement change institutional systems that prevent Latinos from having a voice?

The forum brings together local, regional and national leaders to:

  • Engage participants in framing a new narrative for Latinos
  • Participate in thought provoking discussions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of civic engagement challenges & opportunities
  • Inspire people to a call to action

Thank you to our sponsors: 

For more information or to sponsor this event, please contact pmvitello@rcfdenver.org.